DCL115/XXX - Digital Cluster Leveller/Filter

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The Digital Cluster Leveller (DCL) is a device that has been designed for the simultaneous filtering and level control of digital and analogue terrestrial television services. The filters very effectively remove the spurious outputs generated by the set top box modulators. With Digital Switchover at your doorstep teldis developed new series of filters - UCL Universal Cluster Levellers designed to also filter newly appeared multiplexes. The main features of the levellers are:
• Individual cluster or channel level control
• Low insertion loss, 3 to 4 dB
• Excellent filtering
• Mechanically robust
• teldis computerised tuning for accurate alignment.
Each unit has up to six filter paths that are individually tuned to pass single or groups (clusters) of channels and to give as much rejection as possible to unwanted portions of the RF spectrum. Inherent insertion loss is low, between 3 – 4 dB.
The SCL analogue levellers are all single channel whereas the DCL digital cluster levellers deal with channels in small groups carefully selected to suit the local transmitter. Although the DCL does not give individual control of each channel or multiplex, for most small system applications the level of adjustment that can be applied is more than adequate.

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