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CXE160 - Compact Distribution Amplifier

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The CXE160 distribution amplifier replaces the previous CXE150 & CXE100 model. Note that all the configurable options are now supplied on-board; return path amplifier, diplexers, gain, slope and interstage controls are now fitted as standard.
Additional features and ease of use however does not translate to increased cost.

Please quote CXE160LP for the line powered option.

Downstream signal path
Frequency range: 85...1000 MHz
Return loss: 18 dB
Gain (typical): 40.0 dB
Input attenuator control range: 0…18 dB
Input equaliser control range: 0…18 dB
Mid-stage slope: 8 / 0 dB
Flatness: ± 0.5 dB
Test point: 20 dB
Group delay: 2 ns
Noise figure: 5.0 dB
CTB 41 channels: 108.5 dBµV
CSO 42 channels: 108.0 dBµV
XMOD 41 channels: 103.5 dBµV

Upstream signal path
Frequency range: 5...65 MHz
Return loss: 18 dB
Gain: 29.0 dB
Gain control range (output): 0…-15 dB
Gain control range (input): 0 / -10 dB
Slope control range: 0…9 dB
Flatness: ± 0.75 dB
Noise figure: 4.8 dB
Output level, DIN 45004B: 116.0 dBµV
Output level, 2nd order distortion: - 60 dB 106.0 dBµV
CINR: > 56 dBc

Supply voltage: 26...65 VAC / 180…255 VAC
Power consumption: 9.5 W
Input / Output connectors: “f” female
Test point connector: “f” female
Dimensions: 182(210)x140(148)x84 mm
Weight: 1.5 kg
Operating temperature: -40...+55 °C
Class of enclosure: IP 54


Full Specification (PDF)

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