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CXE101 - Double Power GaAs Ultra High Output Broadband Amplifier

Superseded by CXE180

The CXE101 is the top of the range compact distribution amplifier . It is having all the modern features in flexible format. The important variables like gain, slope, diplexers, return path amplifier and power supply can be customised.
• GaAs amplifier technology used
• Improved power dissipation capacity
• Accurate return measurement point
• Plug-in mid-stage gain control
• Enhanced surge and ESD protection
• Flat / sloped output selection
• Automatic return path termination

Downstream signal path
Frequency range: 85...1000 MHz
Return loss: 18 dB
Gain (typical): 40.0 dB
Input attenuator control range: 0…15 dB
Input equaliser control range: 0…15 dB
Mid-stage slope: 8 / 0 dB
Flatness: ± 0.8 dB
Test point: 20 dB
Group delay: 2 ns
Noise figure: 7.8 dB
CTB 42 channels: 111.0 dBµV
CSO 42 channels: 115.0 dBµV
XMOD 42 channels: 111.0 dBµV

Upstream signal path
Frequency range: 5...65 MHz
Return loss 18 dB:
Gain 22 / -3 dB:
Gain control range (input): 0...15 dB
Slope control range: 0…7 dB
Flatness ± 1 dB:
Noise figure: 6.5 dB
Output level, DIN 45004B: 114.0 dBµV

Supply voltage: 26...65 VAC / 180…255 VAC
Power consumption: 9.5 W
Input / Output connectors: “f” female
Test point connector: “f” female
Dimensions: 182(210)x140(148)x84 mm
Weight: 1.5 kg
Operating temperature: -40...+55 °C
Class of enclosure: IP 54

CXE101 requires additional internal plug-ins depending on desired configuration (e.g. forward path only, with return path, return path with return path amp)
Standard Configurations
Forward Path Only: 1 x CXE101, 2 x CXF000, 1 x JDA900
Return Path Passive: 1 x CXE101, 2 x CXF0xx*, 1 x CXR000, 1 x JDA900
Return Path Active: 1 x CXE101, 2 x CXF0xx*, 1 x CXR022, 1 x JDA900
* - CXF030, CXF042, CXF050 or CXF065 depending on required return frequency, mostly used CXF030 - Return Path Diplexer for CXE100/101 5-30/47-860MHz


Full Specification (PDF)

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