HDM100 - HD via HDMI input to COFDM Modulator

HDM1 - HD via 1 x HDMI input to 1 x DVB-T out Modulator

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Bringing High Definition to coaxial distribution networks. The HDM100 has been specifically configured into a low cost stand alone case converting existing HD outputs from any source into a single High Definition ‘Freeview’ compatible digital multiplex for further distribution and viewable on any ‘Freeview’ 1080i screen.

The HDM100 works by offering the incoming HDMI, Component (YpbPr) or Composite (CVBS) signals into an MPEG-2 encoder whereby the signals are converted into a digital bit stream. This is modulated into a standard 8MHz COFDM multiplex.

Programmed via the front panel, our simple menu based setup screen allows the titling (up to 15 characters) and channel numbering with a whole host of extra features, such as channel tuning and level adjustment.

Use for converting to COFDM from HDMI sources: satellite receivers, HD CCTV cameras, Blu-ray and DVD players or distributing in-house channels (infomation, advertising). Also works perfectly with Raspberry Pi with or without XMBC media centre software installed.

Video: 1 x HDMI / DVI
Connectors: HDMI, RCA (composite, component), f connector for a terr. loop through

Audio compression: MPEG 1 layer II
Video compression: MPEG2
Resolution: 1080i, 720p, 576i, 573p  ****
Insertion of PSI/SI tables: PAT, PMT, SDT, NIT
LCN processing: European norm / full UK LCN support
Editable Channel and Info titles: YES

Output standard: ETSI EN 300 744 (DVB-T)
Carriers: 2K, 4K, 8K
Output format: COFDM,16QAM, 64QAM
Channel bandwidth: 6, 7, 8MHz
Output frequencies: 45...858MHz
Maximum output level: 90 dBµV
Output attenuation: 0…-15dB
MER (typical): 33dB
Connector: f connector

Voltage: 230-240Vac
Power consumption: 6W
Temperature range: 0…+45ºC
Weight: 1.2kg
Dimensions: 240x205x55mm

Local interface: LCD + buttons
Remote interface: via Ethernet


HDM100 Diagram Small

A suitable graphic card (50Hz output preferred) generating Video/static HD quality graphics can be converted to DVB-T (‘Freeview’ HD compliant).
This can then be distributed around conference areas, hotels, hospitals, prisons, schools, gyms or any commercial/private premises using existent coaxial distibution.

Full Specification (PDF)


Tags: COFDM Modulator, Digital Modulator, Freeview Modulator, HDMI to COFDM, DVB-T Modulator, CCTV to Freeview.

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