UCFL115/CP - Universal Cluster Filter Leveller

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The Universal Cluster Filter Leveller (UCFL) is designed for the simultaneous filtering and level control of digital terrestrial television services after digital switchover and includes all the proposed future multiplexes.

Because the UCFL is a passive device it cannot suffer PSU failure and is not damaged by an induced voltage as a result of lightning activity, indeed its ability to arrest the surge actually protects any subsequent amplifier. Because the rejection in the LTE band is greater then 50dB it is almost certainly the only LTE filter you are ever likely to need.

  • Level control of multiplex clusters
  • Low insertion loss 3-4dB
  • Excellent LTE filtering >50dB
  • Mechanically robust passive device combats induced voltage surges
  • Ultra long lifespan
  • Existing devices can be bench re-aligned at low cost

The UCFL115/CP is designed and aligned for terrestrial television signals from the Crystal Palace transmitter. With a single input and output it passes five clusters of channels: 22-23, 25-26, 28-30, 33 & 35-36 giving excellent rejection to unwanted portions of the RF spectrum. The UCFL115/CP could be the only solution you need for LTE filtering, offering 63.5dB attenuation at 790MHz! See analyser sweep for more details.

UCFL115CP_ LTE_Sweep


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