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Solar Powering IRS Blocks
The purpose of this document is to give a brief explanation of the means by which the use of solar power can aid the installation of IRS into the smallest apartment blocks.

5 wire teldis IRS assistant
9 wire teldis IRS assistant
13 wire teldis IRS assistant
5 & 9 wire teldis solar powered IRS assistant
A library of designs for most common systems starting from 5 wire 8 homes IRS up to 17 wire 96 home IRS. Schedule of materials for above systems available upon request.

Earthbar List - a range of push-fit earthing  bars for all major Spaun IRS amplifiers and multiswitches.

TV Channel Frequency Chart -  from CH 21 to 69 showing start, video, centre, colour, sound and end frequencies. Note: Setting multiple COFDM modulators requires channel centre frequency, not video frequency.

How to change IP address of PC/laptop running Win Vista or Win 7 (PDF) - the user interface for Win Vista and Win 7 can be confusing sometimes or require multiple steps to access things, you think, should be a click away. This is a quick guide how to change IP address of you laptop/PC without any additional clicks or software required. Handy on site when you troubleshooting Ethernet based quipment.

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