• HD2840
  • Chameleon GN40-50
  • SMS52403NF
  • Chameleon Award
  • ZVP810 - HD DVB-T Freeview Modulator
  • HDM1 - HD to DVB-T Freeview Modulator
  • MAC401
  • P1050087 1 800x600
  • 6700 top view with cable 1 1 1 600x500
  • OM 10 1 600x560
  • LMC 1RU 0 1 600x400
  • HD2840 - HD via 4 x HDMI inputs to 4 x DVB-T Freeview out, Modulator
  • Chameleon Head End
  • MACHOME - SD DVB-T Freeview Modulator
  • SMS52403NF - Spaun Premium 5 x 24-way Multiswitch
  • Chameleon HE - Technology Innovation Award 2013
  • ZVP810 - HDM100 - HD to DVB-T Freeview Modulator
  • HDM1 - HD to DVB-T Freeview Modulator
  • MAC401 - HD via 4 x A/V to 1 x DVB-T Freeview Modulator
  • MIPLAY - Multi media player IP input USB in - 4 services out within DVB-T multiplex
  • REVO6700 - Next Generation Terrestrial programmable filter
  • OM10 - Optimised Compact Headend for the Hospitality Industry
  • LMC-1RU - Mini CMTS supports 1 Gbps Ethernet to feed 300 euro DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems
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Who is Oliver Heaviside?

Comparison sheet of all DVB-T FreeView modulators available from teldis. PDF

Latest LTE information and all teldis LTE solutions in one document. PDF

HDM100 - HD via HDMI input to COFDM Modulator - with UK LCN support!

Sky+ on a single cable? Easy! Read more about SCR583. Sky+ and an extra satellite!? - not a problem! - new SCR983.

teldis was founded in 1974 to serve the equipment needs of the then burgeoning UK cable and MATV industry.

Throughout a time of innovation and change; from VHF converted systems, UHF to UHF translation via IF, SMATV systems, Integrated Reception Systems, first COFDM head ends, fibre optic links and solar powered IRS systems teldis has provided solutions to the challenges together with the necessary hardware.

None of this would have been possible without partners such as WISI, IKUSI, SPAUN, POLYTRON and TELESTE whose product excellence and technical innovations have enabled teldis to maintain a position at the leading edge of the new technologies.

teldis also designs and manufactures items such as filters, diplexers, and combiners to customer's specific requirements.

Other facilities offered by teldis include a Service/Repair Department.

PS. Our new website has been designed by us with an installer in mind. We’ve done our best to make sure our website features all the most interesting and important information on all products.
As always we are on the other end of the phone - 01892 511 411
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