IKUSI FTD-420 Optical Transmitter and FRD-400 Compact Case Optical Receiver

The IKUSI FTD-420 Optical Transmitter is a split-band (45-860MHz / 950 – 2150 MHz) input device contained within a single Class A module. Mounted on a proprietary wall plate with a separate PSU it can be used independently or with one of the FSP-300 series Class A module optical splitters.
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Where the FTD-420 excels, is in its ability to handle analogue (PAL, SECAM, NTSC and FM) as well as digital signals. It does this by achieving a Signal to Noise ratio of over 50dB. Input signal strength requirements are over the range of 72 – 87dBuV for both RF and IF and the RF figure is rated for the CENELEC 42 Channel pattern. A maximum output level of 4mW (6dBm) is available.

The IKUSI FRD-400 compact case receiver is perfectly matched to the FTD transmitter with corresponding split band outputs of RF and IF. Once again the CENELEC 42 channel pattern is used as a point of reference and the FRD utilizes its ‘1 volt capable’ amplifier stage to offer an RF output level of 104dBuv for the 42 channel load. Smaller channel loads are possible and you can apply the 3dB rule accordingly. Gain and slope control is offered on both RF and IF on the FRD and the optical connector standard on the range is SC/APC.

The FRD has an optical input level threshold of -4 / +1dBm meaning that the combined dynamic range is 10dB. This allows a maximum of 6 receivers per transmitter using the FSP-306 splitter.         

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