WISI VX16C 0650 CATV Amplifier

The Wisi VX16C 0650 (mains powered) and VX19C 0650 (line powered) CATV amplifiers represent the most cost effective final distribution amplifier in the market.

. It is particularly well suited to multi-channel operation in large networks such as hotels. The VX16 comes equipped with a multitude of plug-in configuration options including 65MHz active or passive return. Order the amplifier as ‘equipped’ and these plug-ins will come embedded for basic operation.

The VX16 is a conventional power doubled type with a frequency range up to 1GHz which is not limited by LTE filtering allowing you to operate original frequency plans on mature fully screened networks. With 40dB of gain and output levels comparable with GaAs types, but at lower cost, the VX16 is the first choice for the cost effective maintenance of existing hotel TV networks.

The VX19C 0650 line powered version has an identical RF performance but with the addition of 28-65VAC line power routing and a power consumption of less than 15 watts. IP66 rated for the most hostile environments.

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