Johansson 9754A + 9758A dSCR multi-switch

The new Johansson 9750A multi-switch series (Sky Q compatible) offers a smaller profile ‘handed cast case’ design with reduced power consumption and at a lower price point than before.

The new switch occupies less than 50% of the previous generation’s footprint and the handed design offers the possibly of mounting end on for further space saving possibilities. Clever management means that power consumption is reduced to around 3 watts per user port, meaning fewer external PSUs are needed.

Further functionality updates include extended satellite bandwidth allowing the use of wideband LNBs, effectively uprating its performance as a ‘twin orbital slot’ switch, emulating 9-wire capability. Simply select wideband on the selector. Terrestrial performance can be switch selected as -8 / -12dB (active) and -20 / -24db (passive). Low through losses at all frequencies allow a cascade of 3 units, equating to a reach reduction of 15 metres per switch.

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