IKUSI HTI-424 Mount and Powering

The IKUSI HTI-424 transmodulator(s) can be mounted on a proprietary ‘smart’ wall plate, part no. BACK500 and separate PSU type no. PSU-150. Together these complimentary items can support up to four individual HTI units to give the most cost effective way of adding a wealth of additional services to Hotel Head Ends. This method is especially suitable where those services are thinly spread across a multitude of separate multiplexes.
ikusi 424 b

The BACK-500 mounting frame is embedded with a USB bridge allowing the use of the IKUNET set up functionality which allocates a master module from which all modules can be addressed. This single point of connection allows the setup of all modules together without confliction or the need to work from module to module.

The PSU-150 is a stripped back cost effective PSU designed for the BACK-500 frame alone. With a single 24VDC line out and a capacity of over 6 Amps it can be used singly or as a redundant pair.

Operating the HTI series modules in this supporting architecture gives you the high level functionality of the professional range with a simple mechanical and electrical supporting element to offer you the most cost effective package. 

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