POLYTRON SPM MMT-Q Twin Analogue Modulator

The Polytron SPM modular Head End system is becoming one of the few remaining ‘analogue through HW’ modulated Head Ends available anywhere.
polytron 2

For nearly two decades the Polytron SPM system has been the watchword for high quality commercial grade hardware designed Head Ends. This family of products still satisfies the needs of analogue based designs for legacy networks in secure accommodation, religious establishments and youth care environments. Central to the continuing success of this range is the SPM-MMT-Q which is a twin input VSB multi standard modulator. This modulator has adjacent channel capability within the bandwidth of 45 – 860 MHz and the channels are not bonded. With a choice of modulation standards of B/G, B/B, D/K, I, M and N this unit is practically a worldwide device.

A/V inputs are stereo sound and configured within a Sub min D connector for which a proprietary lead is available. The maximum output level is 95dBuV, however, the single most important specified parameter is carrier to noise. The C/N figure for the MMT-Q is > 57dB, meaning it is ‘noise safe’ in all but the largest cascading amplifier networks.

The modulator card is housed within the SPM2.000LAN series wall or rack mountable housing (illustrated below) or a smaller wall mounted 2 module unit, the SPM200LAN.

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