Teldis HDM-4150 Digital modulator

The Teldis HDM-4150 is a 4 x HDMI input digital modulator which encodes (HD 1080p into MPEG2) multiplexes and uniquely, modulates all four services into a single multiplexed RF channel out for onward distribution into coax networks.

A front facing LCD display together with navigation arrows offers the possibility of creating all the settings as an alternative to using the LAN port at the rear of the device for a laptop or remotely. All the usual settings options are offered including individual SID, LCN (up to 15 characters) and output channel choice.

Output modulation schemes of European DVB-T and DVB-C are offered and the services are allocated within a single DVB multiplex using a clever form of compression to prevent the total bandwidth of the four incoming HDMI inputs from causing a data ‘overflow’ into the outgoing channel. This can be useful in situations where bandwidth is limited. The HDM-4150 can be tuned to centre frequencies across all the CATV channel patterns within the VHF and UHF bands.

Professional performance is assured with an MER of >36dB, a selectable output level of 85 - 105dBuV and a front facing RF test point at -30dB. The HD-2840 comes configured within a shallow depth 1 U high 19” chassis and is fanless.

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