WISI DRA5503 IRS Amplifier

The new Wisi DRA 5503 is a high gain, high output 5 wire IRS launch amplifier. It has been sourced and type numbered primarily as a replacement for the Spaun SBK 5503 /5504 amplifier series. With variable gain of up to 30dB on each of its 5 inputs and the benefit of adjustable slope correction the DRA 5503 can drive large cascades of multi-switches (legacy passive or Wisi DRC active types) and power a line powered post amplifier.

 LNB power is switchable as is post amplifier powering, dispensing with the need to externally power block where required and cascade operation is possible using mains or via line power. Screening and isolation between bands and frequency ranges is rated as Class A. Ultimate assurance and longevity is guaranteed by virtue of its design and construction and the knowledge that the 5503 is made in Germany.

The DRA 5503 comes configured with an integrated PSU but can be specified with a separate stand-alone PSU if greater downstream power capacity is required. Up to 2 Amps are available for larger quantities of switches or when maintaining old Spaun networks where SN5519 PSU’s may need to be replaced.

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