WISI DRR 5 Wire Compact Case receiver powered multi-switches

The WISI FLEXSWITCH DRR ‘mini case’ range consists of 5 and 9 wire receiver powered multi-switches with near unity gain performance and the lowest possible price profile.

Available as 5 x 8, 5 x 16 (illustrated) and 9 x 8 way models, these switches have built-in satellite amplifiers allowing them to be operated directly by individual satellite receivers. Each of the units have a through loss of around -4dB making them suitable for multi-room distribution within individual dwellings from small dishes and without the need for amplification. A passive terrestrial port is offered for use with an external ‘set back’ type amplifier if required.

‘Made in Germany’ means your journey east to find cost effective switchgear is shorter than you think. 

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