WISI FLEXSWITCH DRC 5 Wire Cascade multi-switches

The WISI FLEXSWITCH range perfectly address the UK specific requirement of a 5-wire cascadable multi-switch IRS range with active terrestrial.

The DRC range comprises of a 5 x 8, 5 x 12, 5 x 16, 5 x 24 and (illustrated) a 5 x 32 way switch. Insertion losses for satellite signals are typically 0dB @ 2400MHz and for terrestrial the losses are 2dB (+/-2) with satellite through losses of 2, 4 and 6dB on the 24 and 32 way and typically 3dB (+/- 2) for terrestrial. With a power consumption of between 2 and 5 watts and a maximum cascade of up to three switches the FLEXSWITCH offers up to 96 user ports within a single cluster, and with the 32 port switch having a footprint of less than twice that of the 8 port switch and ‘stackable’, large distribution nodes occupy very little wall space. These large switch clusters can be served with the DRA 0505 launch amplifier and the accompanying DRP 1533 PSU. In order to power more switch clusters the DRI 0210 line injection filter can be configured within the design. 

Above all else the FLEXSWITCH range reassures us all with those three little words we all love to hear, ‘Made in Germany’.


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