TSP030SET - Solar Panel - 30W

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TPS030SET - 30 watt monocrystalline module has multiple advantages. These solar modules are made with back-contact monocrystalline solar cells which are aesthetically pleasing in appearance. The cells have a unique structure, differing from conventional arrays and yield average conversion efficiency up to 20%.
TPS030SET is to be used in conjunction with mounting bracket type SPB030 suitable for mounting to a 50mm mast.

• Photovoltaic modules are constructed using unique back contact cells.
• Cells with high conversion efficiency up to 20%.
• Due to higher efficiency the modules are smaller in size than conventional designs.
• Designed to charge 12V batteries for off-grid remote power systems.
• Designed to retain 90% efficiency rate at 10 years.

Max Power: 30W
Max Power: Voltage 18.9V
Max Power: Current 1.58A
Open Circuit Voltage: 23.8V
Short Circuit Current: 1.77A
Series Fuse Rating: 9A
Cell Efficiency: >18.00%
Number of Cells in Series: 36
Number of Strings in Parallel: 1
Max Power Tolerance: +/-5%
Weight: 3kg
Dimensions: 556x416mm
Thickness, including junction box: 35mm
Frame clear anodized

Solar Powering IRS Blocks Report (PDF)

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