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NVF5523SR - 5 Wire High Launch Repeater Amplifier

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• Terrestrial amplifier using push-pull technology.
• Precompensating slope for satellite band.
• Synchronous level adjuster for low and high bands.
• Integrated variable attenuator 0…10dB

Discontinued, see NVF5522SR

TERR gain 15…18dB, Max out 115dBµV IMA³
SAT gain 13…18dB, Max out 115dBµV IMA³
Synchronous level adjuster for satellite (10dB) and terr. (10dB)
Dimensions 255x130x39

• Powering options: 1 x NVF5523SR can only be powered by SBK5503NF or SBK9965NF


Full Specification (PDF)

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