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SMK55123FA - 5 x 12 Cascade Switch, Active

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The SMK5000FA switch series is designed for use with the SBK5000NFI series of high level launch amplifiers. Due to active terrestrial and receiver powered satellite bands SMK5000FA range mostly used for system expansion at the end of passive cascade SMK5000F.
A combination of a small case size together with a stackable kit option (SSK500 series) mean that the industries smallest footprint is achieved, allowing the use of smaller, lower cost cabinets without the heat dissipation problems associated with other switchgear.

Inputs 4 x SAT, 1 x TERR, Outputs 12
Through loss TERR 3dB, SAT 2dB
Tap TERR 5…3dB, SAT gain 0…6dB
Dimensions 185x131x40

Full Specification (PDF)

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